Quality Control

  • Thanks to our most modern scientific equipment, physico-chemicals and microbiological analyses are carried out directly in our laboratory.
  • BTC Laboratoire SA cosmetics are exclusively produced with actives and components selected for their exceptional beneficial effects. Our scientists and chemists accurately and exhaustively concentrate, among other actives, various natural extracts at the best favourable and recommended figure. Therefore, the quintessence of the beneficial properties for cosmetic’s efficiency of each selected component is preserved.
  • In order to ensure consistent function ability and efficiency, their ingredients are rigorously and continuously​ tested in our laboratory to check their biological and perennial activity.
  • All the results of the analyses are recorded by means of computer in order for us to have a perfect traceability.
  • All components are kept and preserved in a controlled air and temperature room, totally dust free.
  • Our quality control department is also responsible for the continual improvement of cleanliness and hygiene in our production premises.